August 1, 2008

Fun with (Gummi) Worms

My real worms are working hard on another batch of organic scraps, so I thought it might be fun to visit some sites that are also using worms- gummi worms, that is. has an array of gummi worm inspired recipes- from the popular Dirt & Worms to the more ambitious version created in a real flowerpot. However, they didn't have any pics to enjoy.

If you enjoy sushi, there's a new version in town. This mock sushi recipe using rice cereal, fruit leather, and gummi worms looks cool whether you love fishy rolls or not.

More daring worm lovers can try Pond Worms or Graveyard Pudding, and those with deep pockets can pony up $12 for this work of worm art.

I know what you are thinking- when will I be writing more serious posts about worms? Every time I start typing, I ask myself the same thing!

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