February 15, 2010


Our area has been in a deep freeze, and we had a power outage here at worm central for 3 days. When we returned, the thermometer said 41 degrees- INSIDE THE HOUSE! So...how did the worms fare?

I went down for a feeding today fearing the worst- a bin full of wormsicles. I mean, if it was 41 degrees upstairs, it probably went below 40 downstairs.

I opened the bin and stuck in my gloved hand, and guess what?


Although they did seem a little sparser than usual, there were worms squirming around and they sure looked happy to see the funky scraps headed their way.

I have read different articles and sites saying that their environment should not go below 50 degrees. That might be true for the masses, but I have some serious SURVIVOR WORMS!

YAY to the hardy wormies for surviving snowmegeddon, snowpocolypse, blizzard extrordinaire of 2010!