April 18, 2012

Garden Newbie

Guess who's starting a garden this year?


I have so much fluffy, deliciously rich vermicompost from all these wormies squirming around in the wigwam that I figure this can't go wrong.

So far I've started tomatoes, strawberries, and red peppers inside the house- each in their own little earth-friendly biodegradable container lined up in a large plastic tray.

biodegradable containers
The garden outside is two raised 4 foot x 4 foot beds made of trex decking.  I turned over the crappy clay with some peat moss and tons of worm castings- and every weekend, I've been pulling out the grass and weeds that keep growing back.

small garden

A great free tool for novice gardeners out there is Smart Gardener.  This snappy site helps you plan your garden visually using custom dimensions and builds a reminder/to do list based on your region/climate. The site saves all your info, and even let's you print out your plan and lists for reference.

Any Garden Experts want to share their knowledge with a Newbie- especially tips for the initial planting and maintenance?