December 26, 2007

Jingle worms, jingle worms

Oh, the weather outside is frightful- and it is still a bit chilly in my basement. But, all seems to be well with the wormies and we are getting ready for the big weigh in and move this weekend.

Just to update from previous posts, the mighy Serra Eagles did indeed make it all the way to Hershey, to the State Championship for the Single A Division. Hooray! However, what they did when they got there rhymes with "booze" and we are not going to say it out loud in this blog!

Since I have off work til right after the New Year, I am able to devote more attention to the squirmers. They are still getting down on some grapes from last week- I don't know what's taking so long, I wonder if they are getting drunk on the grapes?- but I got plenty of Christmas goodies in the wing for the first feeding after the new bins are done.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was a purse and wallet made from recycled billboard. Check them out and save the Earth!

December 9, 2007

Worm Blankets?

It gets kind of chilly here in Pittsburgh, PA, and so does our basement on a 10 degree night. So what are the wormies to do? I wrote to my worm advisor, and he said they can survive fairly cold temps, but that the colder temps make them lose weight and not multiply as fast.

Hmmmm....sounds like a solution for a few other world problems to me....

Anyway, until someone invents worm blankets, worm comforters, or worm warmers (say that three times fast!), I'll just have to pray they know to stay burrowed down in the nice cozy peat, paper, and food mush!