September 23, 2013

Corny Times in the Bin

Who doesn't love some buttery kernels of sweet corn or some delicious version of cornbread? Who hasn't churned up a batch of corn ice cream or corn pudding?

OK, I probably got you there! Not many- but I bet you've made your popcorn a few different ways!

The debate still rages on whether corn is a vegetable or a grain, but until there's a definitive answer, did you know that corn:

-supplies nearly 20% of the world's food calories?

-can be grown on every continent except Antarctica?

-has one piece of silk for each kernel?

I had some left over corn on the cob from our local farm stand, so I eventually gave it to the worms.  I was unsure how they would react or how long it would take to start breaking down enough for them to start munching.

To my surprise, the worms love corn...and I have some pics to prove it!

Not only do they seem to like the husks and silk:
organic corn in the worm bin
They seem to like the kernels, too- which have sprouted while in the bin:
organic corn in the worm bin
 There are more than 3,500 uses for corn...make that 3,501 if you count vermicomposting!

September 11, 2013

Mums the Word!

As the summer begins to wind down, do you know what starts to grow up?

fall mums
You could always grow your own, but I got mine the old fashioned a door prize at a baby shower!

My mum was a little lopsided, and I knew the perfect thing to perk it right up: WORM POOP!

Similar to my veggie vermicompost applications, I put about three tablespoons right at the base of the plant. I expect that super-vitamin boost of micro-organisms will be exactly what my lopsided mum needs!

3 mum fun facts:

- Mums, or chrysanthemums, originated in China- where they brew Chrysanthemum tea!

- There are hundreds and hundreds of varieties of mums- different colors, flower sizes, and growth cycles.

- Mums are not only the birth flower for the month of November and the anniversary flower for the 13th year- they are also Chicago's city flower.

In other news, the rogue pumpkin vine has gone from this:
organic pumpkin
 To this:
organic pumpkin
 And this:
organic pumpkin
To this:
organic pumpkin

Get your pumpkin-carving gear out soon, folks!