July 5, 2009

Do Fireworks Scare the Worms?

Who knows? I thought of that watching the AMAZING 1 1/2 hour display our neighborhood puts on every year. We have a big open field in the middle of our plan and the families GO TO TOWN competing for the title of who sets off the best fireworks.

Terrible news. Don't blame the worms or their poo.

Current berry plant count: 3- CASUALTY!
Total berries harvested: 0

Joining the recent ranks of Michael Jackson, Farrah Fawcet, and Steve McNair, one of my teeny tiny berry plants has died.

It was not an overdose, cancer, or gunshot wound to the stem.

I believe this small plant was a victim of an infrequent waterer (AKA, me).

There is no reason to post a photo, because the plants are the same dang size. And I just watered them, so no worries.

In other news, I bought new kayaks and took them on the Yough today.

These are not your wild-water-rapid, flipping-over-and-around, wearing-a-helmet-to-ride type of kayaks.

They are more the paddle-up, place-a-frosty-beverage-in-cup-holder, coast-down, jump-out, frolic-around, get-back-in, take-your-small-dog-with-you kind of kayaks.

In worm news, I finished screening. At this rate, I should actually have some worm tea bags for watering cans around 2011.

JUST KIDDING! I really did finish screening and hope to have some worm tea bags ready SOON. I am just not ready to commit to exactly WHEN!