August 23, 2012

Planning the Worm Display

Worm display
My brother came through with a snazzy plexiglass container I can use for my worm display during the Sustainability Fair.  I'm going to add a center solid section to keep the worms near the viewable sides, and then add labels for the different layers (finished vermicompost, waste scraps, top covering).

I've been working on a poster for the display that shows a quick overview of the process for someone that isn't familiar, but I still feel like something is an interesting fact or statistic for the middle maybe?

Vermicomposting poster

If you have any suggestions for the poster or advice about exhibiting in general, please let me know.

I did a little research, and there are a few other green/sustainable events in my area this fall- so if this fair goes well, Lilliworm might become a traveling show!

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