August 20, 2012

Connellsville Sustainability Fair

Connellsville Sustainability Fair
I am so excited to be a part of the Connellsville Sustainability Fair coming up September 8-9!  This will be my first event as an official exhibitor (I warmed up with a little display a few years back), and it will be the worms official debut as demonstrators.

I have a super-viewable plexi-glass container that I'm going to make into a mobile worm bin a few days before the event.  This will give the worms time to get composting so everyone at the fair can see them in action. I'm also creating a few posters to be printed that will show the process and some interesting facts. There might even be some gummi worms involved!

The exhibitor I'm most interested to see is Zero Fossil, who generate power in extremely unique ways from everything but fossil fuels. The other exhibitors sound interesting, too: the Pennsylvania WoodMobile and Positive Energy, to name a few.

Due to another event commitment, I will only be exhibiting on Sunday- but the fair will be open Saturday, September 8, from 12-8pm and Sunday, September 9, from 10am-5pm at Yough River Park in Connellsville.

Please visit the fair if you have a chance, and stay tuned for pics of the display, posters, and fair- a Lilliworm first!

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