August 29, 2012

Stubborn Peppers and Mystery Plants

This pepper is still growing on the left side of the garden and is supposed to be red:
organic red pepper
If anyone has the answer as to why it STILL isn't red, please leave me a comment.

I'm tempted to cut it up and dip it in ranch dressing right now, but I'm holding out for the redness promised on the package.

Also, I have a rogue mystery fruit/vegetable/plant growing, which started sprouting on the side of another plant after a vermicompost application. I replanted it on the edge of the garden, and I initially thought it was a watermelon. Now I'm pretty sure it's a pumpkin:
organic pumpkin
My history with pumpkins goes way back and they are one of the worms' favorite foods, so I'm pumped to have my very own organic home grown stash this Halloween season!

With only ten days left until the Connellsville Sustainability Fair, I finished up the poster for my display by adding a little earth in the middle and the website at the bottom:  
composting with worms
Next week, I'll share the labels I'm creating for the compost samples, along with some "light" green tips for around the house to get you in the mood!


annsans said...

Your peppers will turn red when they ripen further. Green, red and yellow peppers are all the same. The color comes from the degree of ripening.

Jill @ Lilliworm said...

Good to know! I will be patient then...