September 6, 2011

Old Habits Die Hard!

I can't help it! 

I tried to start another blog at Lilliworld, but deleted it because I thought the topic range was too broad and I couldn't focus.

Then I started FindingUpDog in an effort to chronicle my yoga training and got bored with that (not yoga- just writing about my training!).

And all this time...I'm still feeding the worms and using the compost on our plants! I tried the castings on two tropical plants that are ENORMOUS now.

I'm still using the worm wigwam and feeding them about three large full Tupperware containers every other week.

I have a huge bin of castings drying out a little and ready to be sifted.

So maybe my adventures with worms aren't over.  MAYBE.  Maybe I still <3 maybe.="maybe." nbsp="nbsp" p="p" worms.="worms.">