February 22, 2009

An Apple a Day

The latest installment in the apple experiment finds one apple with a worm trying to squirm into the stem and another with a mushy crack down the side with a few worms crawling around.
And that's it! The remaining apples have been in the bin for OVER A MONTH, and show zero signs of decomposing and are impenetrable by worms. They look like the day I put them in!

However, one interesting change in the bin is the absence of escapees over the past few weeks. I'm not sure if the suspense and anticipation of the apples rotting make the worms stay in the bin with baited breath (LOL! Worm joke!), but the number of ones flying the coop has dropped dramatically to almost none. (Sorry the first pic is so fuzzy- I was so overcome with excitement I guess I couldn't hold the camera steady?)

In yoga news, only one week of teacher training left before I'm a certified yoga instructor! One of the things we discussed this weekend is being able to give inspirational quotes or "gems" to your students during class.

It's only appropriate that I come up with a worm-related gem to share with my beginner yoga students: "When you just start yoga, you'll feel like a worm in a bin with an apple that just won't go mushy. You visualize the prize- a better, healthier you; you can smell success- by seeing others around you who have been practicing for a longer time. You only have to be patient until you can enjoy your own mushy apple reward- an energetic, life-changing practice."

Worms + yoga = inner peace? I'll let you know.

February 15, 2009

Worm Friendly Jackson Hole

Update on the apples: still whole. No change. Moving on.

I just got back from one of the coolest (literally!) places ever: Jackson, Wyoming. We skied the longest steepest mountains I've ever seen at Jackson Hole resort- check out their mountain cams.

We stayed at the comfortable and friendly Wyoming Inn. Free continental breakfast in the morning, soup and sandwiches in the afternoon, and fresh-baked cookies every night- plus super comfortable pillow-topped beds to die for.

We snowmobiled with our guide Mike (listed first in the Guide page of the link) through the Tetons to the hot springs. The changing rooms had no heat (yikes!), and I broke my vegetarian ways for one day to eat the most delicious steak EVER (please don't revoke my membership, PETA!)

We hung out on the saddles at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar and ate Mexican at the The Merry Piglets.

You are asking yourself: what does this have to do with worms?
What is your problem with sticking to the topic, Lilliworm?

I've got news for you: Jackson is one of the greenest vacation towns I've ever visited- I bet they would love my herd of worms to gobble up their organic scraps!

Not only does Jackson Hole love public transportation and have shuttles full of people darting all over, many of the hotels are quite eco-friendly and way into recycling, and the restaurants love to brag about their local naturally raised meat (sorry again, PETA!).

Winter vacations rule!

February 2, 2009

How Do You Like Them Apples?

This image may look familiar if you frequently read this blog, but it shouldn't. These apples have been in the bin for over a week now and, unfortunately for my big experiment, look just like the day I put them in.

Apples are quite the hardy food it turns out. I would say if you are going on a long journey and are looking for a food that will hold up without refrigeration or heating, go with the apple!

In other news, yoga teacher training is going great- we spent this weekend philosophizing about yoga thoughts.

One thing I found way interesting was chakras.

We learned that if you or your students are having problems in a certain pose or with a certain part of the body that each pose is linked to a specific chakra that relates to a certain part of the body and a life balance or attribute that might need to flow better. The best online comparison chart I found was here.

Back to the worms soon...