October 17, 2009

Where, Oh Where, Have My Little Worms Been?

They've been right inside their bin since I last left you on JULY 5th! Ugh! What a terrible blogger I've been and I haven't been winning any awards in the worm-farming department, either....but lucky for me, the worm wigwam doesn't require much.

So, despite my mild neglect, my worm herd is still flourishing and multiplying!

In recent worm news, I fed the bin a head of funky lettuce and a worm-bowl full of rotting fruit and cucumbers today. I keep a watering can nearby so I can also give them a little sprinkle once I've buried the scraps. I had to give up on the spray bottle a while back, as I was getting carpal tunnel syndrome from the number of spritzes required to keep the bin moist.

For those following the strawberry planter saga and plant/berry count, you won't want to read this next part. I ended up with ONE berry plant that grew to about an inch and a half and ZERO berries!

I finally dumped out the whole conglomeration and kept the snappy white planter for next year. Reuse and recycle!

Recommended seasonal sites to visit in honor of the autumn season:

What Tree Is It? Click through their basic photos, and they'll help you figure it out.

What's That Bug? With all the spiders and wooly-willies that fall brings, What's That Bug? makes it easy to identify any creepy-crawly. You can even submit your own pics for identification.

What To Do With Leaves? This Philadelphia Inquirer article has tons ideas with links about what to do with fall leaves, including drying and pressing, mulching, and even painting.

Pics promised for next time!