July 21, 2008

Start Your Worms...

I just found a new potential career for my worms: professional racing!

Libraries like this one are using fun, interactive activities like worm races to get kids through the door this summer and hopefully keep them there to read and learn about all kinds of stuff. In this case, how bugs and worms benefit the earth.

Worm racing must be taking the elementary school and library world by storm, because I also found pics here and here of worm racing.

So if my wormies aren't too tired from eating and pooing amazing amounts of organic waste, you'll see them on the racing circuit come next summer. The training begins soon.

July 20, 2008

A Break from Worms

WARNING! If you are looking for squirmy news, I'm taking a blog break from worms today to talk YOGA!

I participated in a training workshop yesterday at Amazing Yoga in Shadyside. I have only taken a few classes at AY so far- but WOW! They lead super- athletic yoga in a challenging, fast paced flow with the room temp jacked up to eighty five to ninety degrees - which their site's FAQs boast can burn up to 800 calories per class. (They also wrote their own book!)

I enjoyed myself so much those few times that I signed up for the workshop. I wanted to see what the learning vibe was like, and confirm that I truly meshed with this yoga style.

So I spent three hours on my only day off this week wildly perspiring in a cozy studio above Ellsworth Avenue, and I'm happy to report that I can't even explain how good I felt when I left. I gained knowledge of postures, poses, and assisting no one can take away, and I sweat out the stress, anxiety, and frustration I've been holding in from working six days a week.

I'd like to complete the AY teacher training program that begins this fall, because I know first hand that yoga can help, heal, calm, relax, strengthen, and motivate. The workshop was the first (half) step towards my goal. Thankfully, the instructor was the perfect blend of yoga and athlete, and I felt very comfortable with her thoughtful teaching and demonstration techniques.

So now I'm patiently counting down the days until teacher training begins...


July 16, 2008

Jealous Worms?

The landscaping master next door, AKA my great neighbor, generously donated some black eyed susans to our ongoing landscaping project yesterday. (He also let me swim in his pool this past weekend, but who's keeping track?)

When my husband dug the holes to place the plant gifts inside, guess what we found....jealous worms!

These poor outdoor worms were skinny and trying to make their way through some of the hardest, weirdest colored clay southwestern PA has to offer.

Did they know I am the landlord of a very posh, luxury worm community, whose tenants are kept warm with their bellies full?

Too bad! Lilliworms are eisenia foetida, or red worms, used specifically for composting (and for trout fishing- ouch!). My worms enjoy eating their way through rotting organic materials these outdoor worms would squirm away from.

So, no reason for jealousy- the outdoor worms wouldn't like my accommodations anyway- and they can easily handle the changing weather, food choices, and varied soil outdoors. Plus, technically they still are my tenants- in my giant outdoor worm bin, AKA my yard.

Now, let's see if we can get these plants to thrive...

July 7, 2008

Escape from the Wigwam

worm wigwam escapeDespite having an attentive worm-keeper, despite being fed some of the best scraps this side of the Mississippi, and despite having new digs in the Wigwam- some red wigglers STILL try to escape.

Here are a few adventurous squirmers on a fruitless quest for the after-bin life.

The wall design of the wigwam is: green plastic inner wall/silver lining/green plastic outer wall- and here are these guys in between.

The silver lining is the insulation that's supposed to keep them cozy in cooler temps.

Sigh. Another successful rescue and more saved worm lives at Lilliworm!

July 6, 2008

Official Lilliworm Logo Unveiled!

Finally...the anticipated reveal of the Lilliworm logo!

I thought carefully about what type of logo would work best going forward. I asked opinions, took informal surveys, and in the end had 2 viable contenders.

A few things made this logo work best for Lilliworm: shape, colors, and the flexibility of both.

I can easily envision it on a circular sticker seal, square retail tag, or rectangular business card, plus I am able to change up the colors for each product I {might someday} offer.

A talented and insightful writer friend said it reminded her of an old fashioned barn hex. Even though this option wasn't her favorite, I liked that association so much it helped solidify my choice.

Barns remind me of farms, farms remind me of crops, and crops remind me of fertilizer, and fertilizer reminds me of worms- see the connection?

Official Lilliworm Logo Unveiled!

The Official Lilliworm Logo Unveiled