July 16, 2008

Jealous Worms?

The landscaping master next door, AKA my great neighbor, generously donated some black eyed susans to our ongoing landscaping project yesterday. (He also let me swim in his pool this past weekend, but who's keeping track?)

When my husband dug the holes to place the plant gifts inside, guess what we found....jealous worms!

These poor outdoor worms were skinny and trying to make their way through some of the hardest, weirdest colored clay southwestern PA has to offer.

Did they know I am the landlord of a very posh, luxury worm community, whose tenants are kept warm with their bellies full?

Too bad! Lilliworms are eisenia foetida, or red worms, used specifically for composting (and for trout fishing- ouch!). My worms enjoy eating their way through rotting organic materials these outdoor worms would squirm away from.

So, no reason for jealousy- the outdoor worms wouldn't like my accommodations anyway- and they can easily handle the changing weather, food choices, and varied soil outdoors. Plus, technically they still are my tenants- in my giant outdoor worm bin, AKA my yard.

Now, let's see if we can get these plants to thrive...

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