July 21, 2008

Start Your Worms...

I just found a new potential career for my worms: professional racing!

Libraries like this one are using fun, interactive activities like worm races to get kids through the door this summer and hopefully keep them there to read and learn about all kinds of stuff. In this case, how bugs and worms benefit the earth.

Worm racing must be taking the elementary school and library world by storm, because I also found pics here and here of worm racing.

So if my wormies aren't too tired from eating and pooing amazing amounts of organic waste, you'll see them on the racing circuit come next summer. The training begins soon.


Patism said...

Try to genetically alter them so that you can create a super worm. Race those.

lilli said...

Right now, I'm just trying to get them to eat and poop! Genetically altering them seems pretty ambitious.

I've read that as your bin develops that some natural selection occurs, so perhaps someday soon I will have at least a better worm more genetically adapted to my bin conditions than I have now.