July 6, 2008

Official Lilliworm Logo Unveiled!

Finally...the anticipated reveal of the Lilliworm logo!

I thought carefully about what type of logo would work best going forward. I asked opinions, took informal surveys, and in the end had 2 viable contenders.

A few things made this logo work best for Lilliworm: shape, colors, and the flexibility of both.

I can easily envision it on a circular sticker seal, square retail tag, or rectangular business card, plus I am able to change up the colors for each product I {might someday} offer.

A talented and insightful writer friend said it reminded her of an old fashioned barn hex. Even though this option wasn't her favorite, I liked that association so much it helped solidify my choice.

Barns remind me of farms, farms remind me of crops, and crops remind me of fertilizer, and fertilizer reminds me of worms- see the connection?

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