June 10, 2009

Slow Progress

Current berry plant count: 4
Total berries harvested: 0
CLOSE UP of my best berry plant so far!

Berry growing, like worms, requires patience.

I have to feed the worms tonight and the bin is almost ready for another cranking. Unfortunately, as I have been moving slower than a worm's pace, I am barely done screening and doing something constructive with the first batch.

In direct contrast, my new job is going great. People gamble a ridiculous amount of money, and I get to work on reports, planning, and promotions to convince them spend even more. All that work and concentration makes me want to come home, walk my dog, and do some yoga or take a run.

See what's missing from that list? You got it- worms.

HOWEVER, now that the new facility has opened and things are dying down a little, I have been less busy and the wheels in mind have been turning back to the squirmers.

Onward and upward!