July 21, 2010

Paddle at the Point Timelapse


I had to throw in one last wormy post about the tomato plants I have growing on my deck in...you guessed it...worm castings!

A great neighbor gave me three tomato and four cherry tomato plants, and I re-potted them in castings and (clay-like) dirt from under my steps.

They are doing magnificently with a million little tomatoes everywhere, and any day now I will be mixing up some delish tomato & mozzarella salad.

Worms are doing well and have been getting fed like crazy with the scraps from the great selection of fresh produce around this time of year. I have stepped up my culinary endeavors by making fruit salad, pasta salad, wraps, dips, and even some souped up sauces.

How did I know the tomatoes would flourish in the worm poo? Remember this pic from the past:
Here's the corresponding post in case you forgot or are a new reader.

Oh, and one more update from the Paddle at the Point- here is a great time lapse of the record breaking attempt that shows the whole event in a minute or so. Pay special attention when the monsoon arrives, about :35 seconds in...