October 26, 2015

When I Last Left You...

When I last left you, it was 2014 and the growing season was in full swing! The hubs was trying a new fertilization method using grass clippings at the base of our tomato plants, and I was wondering what tall tales of gardening stood true. And then....


So now it's honest sauce time.

I'm over worms. I'm tired of talking about gardening & worms. I did it for 7 years! I took my small herd from one pound in a clear shoe box up to over 30 pounds in a Worm Wigwam. I grew a bunch of gardens, and I sought to make the world a greener place. I wrote over 150 posts about worms and worm-related topics.

I have no more worm tales to tell.

I appreciate the support, comments, and fellow worm-fan love I've received along the way, but it's time to put Lilliworm in the history books. Thank you for reading along, commenting, tweeting, following and clicking!

PS- I bet you're wondering where all the worms went! Some great folks at Grow Pittsburgh happily picked up hundreds of thousands of red wigglers & a used Worm Wigwam for their new nature center. The herd lives on!