February 2, 2009

How Do You Like Them Apples?

This image may look familiar if you frequently read this blog, but it shouldn't. These apples have been in the bin for over a week now and, unfortunately for my big experiment, look just like the day I put them in.

Apples are quite the hardy food it turns out. I would say if you are going on a long journey and are looking for a food that will hold up without refrigeration or heating, go with the apple!

In other news, yoga teacher training is going great- we spent this weekend philosophizing about yoga thoughts.

One thing I found way interesting was chakras.

We learned that if you or your students are having problems in a certain pose or with a certain part of the body that each pose is linked to a specific chakra that relates to a certain part of the body and a life balance or attribute that might need to flow better. The best online comparison chart I found was here.

Back to the worms soon...


Concrete Jungle LA said...

Very exciting - and timely. I am hoping to start a worm bin next weekend. I am looking forward to a good read!


Lilli said...

Good luck! I love your screen name "Concrete Jungle LA"- I love big hair metal and it reminds me of that :)