August 9, 2012

Famous Worms- The Light Green Edition

Slimey, Lowly, and Glo-Worm
Being green can get so serious.

Statistics, politics, lawsuits, plant-based diets, alternative much to think about!

Let's just go light green today and share memories of some famous worms.

Slimey from Sesame Street- When I was little, I loved the fact that I could see the small wire holding Slimey up during his appearances on the show. I felt so smart that I knew for sure he was a puppet (Muppet?).  I wasn't so positive about others, mainly Mr. Snuffleupagus.

Lowly Worm from Richard Scarry- Even before "Where's Waldo?", Lowly Worm was hidden in almost every illustration of Richard Scarry's books.  My next door neighbor had almost every book and was a great sharer. Nothing was more satisfying than being the first to find Lowly Worm on the page! 

Glo-Worm- Another neighbor had a Glo-Worm that she slept with. I was nervous for her because I thought electricity was powering that light, and she might get shocked. Everything turned out fine for her, but I never did ask for a Glo-Worm. Did you know that Glo-Worms have evolved, and can now be either girls or boys?

I hope you enjoyed that light green wiggle down memory lane.

If you have any famous worm memories, please share- and I promise to be greener next time!

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