September 23, 2013

Corny Times in the Bin

Who doesn't love some buttery kernels of sweet corn or some delicious version of cornbread? Who hasn't churned up a batch of corn ice cream or corn pudding?

OK, I probably got you there! Not many- but I bet you've made your popcorn a few different ways!

The debate still rages on whether corn is a vegetable or a grain, but until there's a definitive answer, did you know that corn:

-supplies nearly 20% of the world's food calories?

-can be grown on every continent except Antarctica?

-has one piece of silk for each kernel?

I had some left over corn on the cob from our local farm stand, so I eventually gave it to the worms.  I was unsure how they would react or how long it would take to start breaking down enough for them to start munching.

To my surprise, the worms love corn...and I have some pics to prove it!

Not only do they seem to like the husks and silk:
organic corn in the worm bin
They seem to like the kernels, too- which have sprouted while in the bin:
organic corn in the worm bin
 There are more than 3,500 uses for corn...make that 3,501 if you count vermicomposting!

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