October 6, 2013

These Peppers Will Be Late for Dinner

Last year around this time, I was putting OG2012 (organic garden of 2012) to sleep.

OG2013 is having none of that- it's like the bad kid that wants to stay up all night! The tomatoes are growing up over the lower fence:
organic garden
Finally, the bell peppers are in various stages of readiness (unlike last year, when the pepper crop was booming!)

These ones sloooowly gathering steam & could be a key ingredient in a delicious Autumn meal soon:
organic bell peppers
 A few have been waiting all summer to finally be a pepper:
organic pepper
 And some are considering remaining pepper flowers for the fall season:organic pepper flower
The tomatoes are not about to be outdone by the late blooming peppers!

These little guys are going strong, looking to be the prime ingredient in a batch of late season salsa:
organic tomatoes
...while these funky ones are headed straight for the worm wigwam!
organic tomatoes for the worm wigwam
No Lilliworm post in October would be complete without the mention of PUMPKINS! 

Not only are pumpkins the worms FAVORITE food, but OG2013 is growing 2 rogue pumpkin plants and both have one pumpkin:
organic pumpkin
organic pumpkin
The worms will have to wait a little longer this year for their end-of-organic-gardening-season feast!

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