October 14, 2013

Tweet Tweet...Worms in the News

I love learning about new worm news around the world each day- and there's no better way to share it than by tweeting it!
lilliworm twitter
For instance, Happy Columbus Day! Did you know that bioluminescent worms greeted Christopher Columbus over 500 years ago when he arrived in the New World? These glowing worms, also known as fireworms, perform a light show/mating dance that only lasts about a half hour twice a month during the quarter moon phase.

Worms seem to frequently be associated with our health. Whether it's a story about how cleanliness is killing microscopic worms that could help our immunity or an article about how worms are improving skin grafts- there is always something to squirm about!

If you aren't a Twitter-er, here are some of my recent posts and pictures:

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