February 15, 2010


Our area has been in a deep freeze, and we had a power outage here at worm central for 3 days. When we returned, the thermometer said 41 degrees- INSIDE THE HOUSE! So...how did the worms fare?

I went down for a feeding today fearing the worst- a bin full of wormsicles. I mean, if it was 41 degrees upstairs, it probably went below 40 downstairs.

I opened the bin and stuck in my gloved hand, and guess what?


Although they did seem a little sparser than usual, there were worms squirming around and they sure looked happy to see the funky scraps headed their way.

I have read different articles and sites saying that their environment should not go below 50 degrees. That might be true for the masses, but I have some serious SURVIVOR WORMS!

YAY to the hardy wormies for surviving snowmegeddon, snowpocolypse, blizzard extrordinaire of 2010!


SimplyForties said...

I had the same thing happen. I had my worms on the front porch and after several 20 degree nights (or colder) I remembered the poor guys, brought them inside, opened up and there they were, all wiggly. I've got them inside for the rest of the winter.

I'm surprised you're reading that under 40 is a problem. Especially with a system the size of yours, I'd think they put off enough heat themselves to deal with that relatively mild temperature drop.

Good luck!

Dirty Girl Gardening said...

This is my kind of blog... I love worms!

Lilli said...

Thanks~ I am trying to find time to STILL love worms right now...balancing my real work, family, life, etc- I am always glad the worms aren't as high maintenance as everything else seems to be!

Claudia Lawrence said...

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