March 27, 2010

Sharing the Worm Love!

This morning, I attended a small craft and garden show and distributed some free Lilliworm vermicompost to the guests and residents at Arrowwood.

Packaging the samples went quickly- I lined the small cotton bags with a wax paper bag and dumped about one and half cups of castings in each. I could fit about twenty bags into a medium size box, and I gave out about thirty-five to forty samples.

It was a great day, and I think I said the word "compost" about a million times! I hope everyone liked their samples and it makes their plants grow like weeds!

With my real job taking up so much of my time, I have been feeding the worms less often but with more per feeding. Whereas I used to feed them maybe once a week with one bowl, I have dropped back to maybe once every two weeks with two bowls and whatever else works that's going bad in the fridge.

I turned the crank on the bin a bunch more times and have a lot of vermicompost drying out in the bottom- which is good- 'tis the season for planting!


Anonymous said...

I am a worm composter, too, and am interested in learning more about your worm wigwam. Is the worm wigwam set up to automatically water the compost? Also, does the WW composting process produce any liquid? If so, how is it handled/where does it go?


Lilli said...

No, the Wigwam does not automatically water itself. I water it with a common sprinkling can about 1/4 full once per week. I have found that it does not need to be overly damp for them to flourish.
The process produces little to no liquid in the Wigwam, and if it does, the water drips into the bottom pan and eventually dries out.
Please let me know if you have any other questions, and I'll be happy to answer them! Thanks!

satya said...
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lam said...
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