August 17, 2008

Eat, Sleep, Work....Eat, Sleep, Work....

Am I talking about me or the worms? Recently, I'm not so sure.

As another season winds down at the world's favorite traditional amusement park, I realize I've spent another summer in a drone-like pattern: eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, work.

My worms are pretty much in the same boat- but they have a lot more energy and look a heck of a lot more content about it!

Did you know red wigglers can eat about half their body weight each day?

Yeah, right! That's what all the books and sites say- but I have to tell you, whether I chop their food, puree their food, or feed it to them on miniature spoons, my worms aren't eating anywhere near that much. If I feed them four or five pounds of food chopped up, it takes them at least three or four days to finish it. And if I puree eight pounds of strawberry tops, it takes about four or five days.

Baloney half their body weight! Either all those sources are wrong, or I just happened to get the all worms with the petite super-model appetites.

ANYWAY, when the season is finally over, I need to locate a new food source. I am eying up a small fruit store near my home, hoping the owner is amenable to handing over old or damaged produce. I've been practicing my elevator pitch...

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