August 5, 2008

Canta Worm Love Cantaloupes?

Unfortunately, not when he lives at my house. Neither myself nor my husband (or my cockapoo for that matter) ever buys any.

However, my fantastical fruit and veggie eating friend at work returned a worm bowl a few days ago with previously untried fruit for my little friends: cantaloupe rinds. No one could have guessed the absolute havoc that would ensue in the Wigwam when these rinds were added!

Cantaloupe rinds must be like a crazy drug for worms. When I checked up on them- I know, I can't stop looking at them, still!- I found a two by two inch piece that easily was housing fifty worms, and all of them were literally in a small squirming frenzy.

Did you know that cantaloupes are a super fruit? Me neither, but the worms did!

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