June 3, 2008

Saving Pods? Eggs? Cocoons?

After some research online, the little pellet thingees I've been picking out of the old bins really are cocoons filled with worm eggs.

I'm retrieving as many as I can with the primitive worm egg retriever (PWER) I've devised. I sort through the bin with a gloved hand, scoop up the eggs at the front of the PWER, and then tap them into a glass holding bowl.

Once my eyes start crossing, I dump them into the wigwam to join their friends and families. I would feel bad leaving any worm (or its cocoons/eggs/pods) behind while the rest moved on to bigger and better housing!

I don't think I mentioned this yet, but the biggest, greatest, fastest, free-est food processor ever died on me a few weeks ago. I admit it may have been from overuse/abuse. I LOVED that thing and what it did to giant food scraps, and I loved to hold that button down and watch all that scrap turn to MUSH! So much so, I'm afraid, that I held it down a little too long, and pfftttt.....it died. My brother took it apart with great intentions, but it was fried, fried, fried. So I was back to using my miniature one again.

Tonight, the big bad processor was born again, as I picked a Black and Decker version up at a crazy discount store for less than $20. It is HUGE, and did a bang up job on THREE BOWLS at once! Which, my husband quickly pointed out, was exactly how I broke the last one- putting too much in and running it too long. I guess I'll try to be more gentle this time around.


jvonrockmann said...

Clever indeed. I've been using a mesh garbage can I picked up at a office supply. it has diamond shaped 1/8 th holes. I add and screen my vermicost before i make elixir. an old screen door sometimes works too. I've been a farmer for sometime now, and am finding that growing living soil and repairing the damaged is more important. a fun experiment too with eggs is to set-up a small bin or nursery for them, add a little cory an food, bran works good. keep it damp and count the days till hatched, its really cool to see a bin of just little white threads squirming about and see them develop as a group of their own. I sure enjoy your blog !

Lilli said...

Thanks! That is a great idea with the mesh garbage can- I know exactly what type you mean and that would work pretty good. Wish I'd have thought of that!