June 29, 2008

Berries Banished

After 12 days of berry feasting, the worms have finished virtually all of them. There are a few small green pieces of tops I can see if I sift around, but other than that- all the red fleshy stuff and the rest of the leafy parts are GONE.

While investigating, I saw tons of cocoons and all different sized worms- hooray! I don't know how I'll ever know- in pounds - how many worms I have now that they are in the wigwam, but I guess I'll be able to tell by how fast they eat X pounds of food. I'll just weigh the food from now on and keep track of how long it takes them to finish.

I also finished screening all the castings from the old bin, FINALLY. It took them forever to dry out. I have giant bucketful now to use in Lilliworm's first worm casting tea bags.

What are worm casting tea bags, you ask? They are regular tea bags filled with worm castings (instead of tea) that you leave in your full watering can overnight. The good bacteria and nutrients from the castings leach out, turning the regular water into a nutritious organic plant drink (for plants- not you).

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