June 18, 2008

Berry-licious Worm Food

worm wigwam strawberriesWorking at America's Favorite Traditional Amusement Park has its perks, but unless you are a worm farmer you couldn't appreciate what I got today: an entire day worth of strawberry tops- about 7-8 pounds- from the funnel cake stand! A wormy culinary delight!

Strawberry tops are great worm food for two reasons:

1. They smell DELICIOUS and don't send me delirious from a wicked waft when I open the bin to peep.

2. They have a great mix of watery fruit that breaks down quickly and a green part that takes longer.

Did I mention they smell FANTASTIC?

Just to experiment with timing, I didn't food processor-ize this time. I'll let you know how long the worms take to finish the whole strawberry smörgåsbord. I have two worm bowls in waiting, so they better hurry it up.

In other news, I am almost ready to debut my exceptionally cool logo. You'll be so jealous.

While you wait patiently for the grand reveal of the official trademark of Lilliworm, get inspired to break out of your own cubicle nation.

1 comment:

Eddie Boes said...

That actually looks delicious. I can imagine how much the worms loved it. Just 5 days ago, I gave my worms chopped cantaloupe rinds, watermelon rinds, Celery other various scraps... all gone. It's amazing how fast little bits will disappear. And I admit, my worm bin is VERY sub-par.