March 8, 2009

Slow Going

A month and half after introducing whole apples to the bin, there are finally some noticeable signs of decay. Most of the apples have large mushy spots or thick cracks through them that are full of worms.

Since worms cannot live on apples alone (at least I don't think so), I fed them four whole bowls today of fruit and veggie scraps. Which leads me to my next piece of news...

My finest and most loyal worm bowl contributor ever worked with me at America's Finest and Favorite Traditional Amusement Park. Over the last month, I left my position for the glitz and glamour of the gaming world, but I am hopeful her valuable scraps will continue to be an integral part of my worms' diet. (I have to return her worm bowl for fill up after the most recent feeding...)

She's also one heck of a writer and very I hear "guest post"?

I continued to screen castings- they are pretty dry now- and only have a few scoops left to finish. I should finish just in time for growing season...sheesh, I don't know who is slower: me or the worms?

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