March 29, 2009

Managing Worms and People

I've been at my current job for a few weeks, and I think I am starting to get the hang of it. There's a lot to learn going from the amusement park industry to the casino industry, even though they are both entertainment-oriented.

One part that is new for me and has given me the most anxiety is managing a large group of employees while at the same time trying to set better processes and procedures for my department.

And mastering new software and reports.
And remembering where on the network things are stored.
And learning how to order stuff and from who.
And constructing the "perfect" work schedule for the supervisors and reps (does such a thing exist?).

I think I have a classic case of overwhelmed-ness.

In another instance of life imitating the worm operation, I recall when the worms arrived and I was so concerned about their environment:
Was it the right temperature?
Was the bin damp enough?
How will I ever stop them from escaping?
How much should I feed them?
Where in the basement should I put them?

It all worked itself out and I'm a pro now!

So, this too shall pass.


Bob Baker said...

Hey there, pro! Does your bin get really warm inside? The heater that came with our Wigwam--that lays on top of the whole deal--seems to really cook. The center core is warm all the time; the outside rim is much cooler.

Lilli said...

I don't use the heater with mine, because I have it set up in my basement- but I can see how it might create temp differences throughout the bin. I thought that it seemed a little heavy when it arrived and wondered how the worms that got close enough wouldn't get overheated (or cooked!)...