March 17, 2009

Worm Slacker

That's me. A worm slacker. You know how I used to say how painfully slow the worms did everything- i.e., eat, multiply, etc.?

I've got news for you. Right now, my worm herd is downstairs saying the same thing about me!

I have become a worm slacker.

I fed them loads of scraps this weekend, finished up the screening, and then...well, then...Then I went shopping, went to yoga, walked my dog, and cleaned my house. Then I helped with laundry and went to dinner with friends. The next day, back to work again.

I find myself in a worm slump.

I want to do worm things, I do. I just haven't been able to carve out the time to make it happen.

The weather started getting nice, the marathon is getting closer (YIKES), I got a new job, and all the sudden I don't have the extra worm hours I need!

Have you ever been in a funk and needed some motivation to KEEP MOVING on a project? That's me right now.

Feel free to share how you were able to kick yourself into action!


Terri said...

Lack of motivation must be an epidemic this week - if you find the cure, stop by & let me know! :)

Kelly said...

Jill, this is the time of the year you should be working the hardest! :)

Lilli said...

I gotta tell you, except for the worms, I really am!!!

andrea said...

I hear you I hear you
maybe you are picking up on the worm vibe when it comes to working with them - they probably are pretty happy the way things are now
I find my worms quite fascinating but pick up a pretty laid back feeling from their home ;)

Lilli said...

That's so true. They always seem pretty happy when I lift the lid, so maybe they have calmed me down a little!

SimplyForties said...

LOL - what sort of worm things do you want to do? We know they have plenty of apples to eat so they're not starving. I bet they're perfectly happy in there and not thinking about you at all. Don't let your worms make you feel guilty!