December 13, 2008

The Uncalm Before The Turn

Just a quick note before the first turn--- the word must be out in the wigwam that big things are about to happen. I have more escapees than ever!

Perhaps you may remember from an earlier post that some wanderers have seen fit to explore beyond the normal boundaries of their home and wedge themselves in between the outer wall and insulation piece.

My usual response is to yank the side back and quickly scoop the 10-20 defectors and return them to the middle of the bin.

Well, my past few look-sees have proven to be quite the rescue mission, as in HANDFULS of worms have begun to congregate in between.

 I don't understand it: I haven't changed the conditions inside the bin, and the area they are congregated in has none of the benefits of being inside the bin- no food, no warmth, no moisture- yet the exodus continues.

Now maybe I am over-estimating how much of the herd is really migrating, because hopefully I have around 15-20 pounds of worms by now- so maybe a few handfuls is nothing.

But, I'm not gonna lie- the problem of rescuing handfuls of worms is more of a mental issue than an operational one. Handfuls of worms are kinda gross and when grabbed, extremely active- ew!

My hope is that the turn of the handle will lower the level and make the worms' supposed promised land between the walls a little more difficult to reach!

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