December 31, 2008

Screen Til Your Fingers Bleed

With the recent wigwam harvest comes a whole new issue: how to efficiently screen the volume of castings collected. My original method of an oversized colander into a tall bucket worked for one or two shoebox-sized Rubbermaid containers, but not so great for the giant heaps the wigwam produced.

Today I loaded the castings and shook and shimmied and scooped around then dumped the scrappy stuff- again and again and again and again- only to find I had done about a fifth to a quarter of the pile. I was starting to get blisters from screening!

Certainly there is a better way- HELP!

Keep in mind I currently operate out of my basement, so the new method has to be not only efficient but somewhat CLEAN. I can't have castings flying all over and about, so I have to find a way or system that can do more volume with minimal mess and space.

Please leave any suggestions or creative ideas for a clean, space saving method of screening by leaving a comment below. All ideas welcome!


SimplyForties said...

Happy Holidays Lilli! I wish I had a good tip for you but you are working on such a larger scale than I. I've not yet had this problem! Do you read I'd do a search there for ideas. He has some very knowledgeable readers.

Lilli said...

Great idea! I'll check there today!

shyamala said...

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