January 11, 2009

New Year, New Worm Goals

This New Year, I not only resolved to be a vegetarian (I've lived to Day 11) but also to continue my efforts with Lilliworm. So, in addition to my full time job, yoga teacher training, homemaking, skiing, and dog walking- I know, call the WAAAHMBULANCE!- I do plan to keep the worm dreams alive!

Some of the challenges I've had are:

-PATIENCE- Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was a super productive worm wigwam. I've always had problems with patience- I had my worm empire built and producing before the first pound of worms ever even arrived! It really has been an adventure with worms because I've had to learn to move at their pace, not my own personal breakneck speed.

-PACKAGING- Packaging is expensive and it takes time to test which might work best. The trick is coming up with a creative packaging idea that is efficient, cost-effective, and totally environmentally freindly (EF). Anyone can toss some castings into a plastic bag for sale, but how EF is that?

-LABELS- Sheesh, the information out there about labeling and making claims and wording guarantees is endless. If I use the word "fertilizer" I have to get a certain license and pay for certifications, if I call it "soil conditioner" the state can ask for another type of fee, and on and on and on. Remember the saying "Ask forgiveness instead of permission?" Eventually, I am going to have to just go with that, because I know I'll miss some rule or regulation somewhere!

-TIME- You know what I mean. Job, exercise, dog, husband, ski season... I have tried to carve out a few hours each week for worms, but its been difficult over the last month or so.

Hopefully the resolution will give me a sense of responsibility to fulfill my promises to myself in 2009!

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