December 26, 2008

Patience is a Virtue

I am still waiting patiently for the worm castings/vermicompost to dry that I recently harvested...zzzzzzzzzzz...I've read two different points on this matter:

1. The vermicompost shouldn't be allowed to dry out all the way because retaining a little of the moisture keeps the beneficial bacteria active in it

2. It doesn't matter if the vermicompost dries out because the beneficial bacteria is reactivated once it gets wet.

Both places I read these things seemed to be reputable sources. If anyone has any insight or a good answer to that, please let me know!

In the meantime I had a great Christmas Eve & Christmas Day- which resulted in a whole bunch of worm bowls ready for feeding. I plan to do some screening either Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday, depending on how my gift returning schedule pans out.

Tomorrow, it is time for twisting and bending adventures at an afternoon AcroYoga workshop. I have to keep in shape for all this harvesting!

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