November 28, 2008

Pumpkin Shell Discovery

Despite my bragging about the worms loving pumpkins, it seems they only love the insides. Here's the small bucket of pumpkin shells I extracted from the bin today that were cleaned of their insides and starting to harden:pumpkin shellsBut far more interesting (and photo worthy) were the pumpkin shells they hadn't quite finished just yet:worm wigwam feedingWhen I lifted up some of the shells, the worms were congregated in the goo inside and kind of flopped out all together:
pumpkins in the wigwamThis is almost too gross even for me!

ANYWAY, the final feeding before the first turn of the wigwam just took place. It was an extravagant post-Thanksgiving Day feast for the squirmers before a part of their world is cranked out and readjusted. This feeding brought everything up to within a few inches of the top of the bin.

Bin cranking countdown is T minus 7 days!


Mary said...

My worms got a T-day feast of sweet potato peelings, which, since I had it out anyway, I ran though my food processor. Even though I don't see myself doing it all the time, I have to say it sure does a great job!

Lilli said...

I am a big fan of processing the scraps if I have a lot or I know I am a little late feeding them. It gets the ball rolling a little faster, I think...