November 12, 2008

How Do The Pumpkins Grow?

FAST, that's how. In a matter of only a week and a half, all the pumpkin insides are eaten and pumpkin plants are sprouting!I mixed them back in real quick so the wormies could finish them off, too. As you can see from this pic, I am mere INCHES away from the top of wigwam FINALLY!

At this near momentous occasion, I would like to highlight some important things I've learned about worms in the past year or so that contradict what I had read to be true:

1. Worms don't eat their body weight, or even half their body weight, every day. Not even close.

2. Worms don't necessarily need their bedding to be sopping wet, or as some put it "able to squeeze a teaspoon of water out of handful of bedding". Baloney. They do just fine with it damp.

3. Worms will try to escape no matter how wonderful their environment. When I first got my worms, I used a lamp hooked to an outdoor Christmas light timer in my basement to keep them in. I was feeding them all sorts of wonderful scraps and some were still bent on creeping out- light/no light, delicious scraps/crappy scraps. It didn't matter. Just like people, some just need to get away! Whatever!

4. Worms don't go sterile if you touch them too much. Believe you me, I am always mixing them around, picking them up and examining them, plucking them off the top of the bin and tossing them back in, removing them briefly from the bin to take photos, and they seem to be multiplying just dandy. I estimate I now have about 15 pounds worth, although it is impossible to know exactly.

Those are the most significant that I can think of right now. If you need any worm myths proven or debunked, let me know!


Mary said...

Okay, I have never heard of #4 before. That's a new one on me! I'm with you on the other three.

Lilli said...

The person that sold me my first worms had hinted that handling them too much might make them sterile- although, really, can you imagine??? Like I said, I found that to be totally untrue!

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Lilli said...

Hi Lara! I added your link to my list of links on the right hand side of the page. What a cool company- I hope you are able to get one started in the US, too!

Randy said...

Hi Lilli, I am enjoying your blog immensely, though it's a hassle reading from the bottom up all the time!

I read that the handling issue is to do with finger acids affecting the worms, not an issue if you use gloves.