November 24, 2013

The 2nd Annual Green Gift List

The turkey is barely cold before it's time to run out and get that gift-giving machine humming!

For the second year in a row I've rounded up the most eco-friendly, interesting, and practical gifts that I could find using the same criteria as last holiday season:
  • must be rated four stars or more
  • has to cost under $50
With a little research and a lot of well wishes- I present to you Lilliworm's Green Gift List!

Yoga is one of my favorite healthy activities. Basically all you need is the knowledge and a mat....and what a mat this one is!

This double-thick gem is not only textured to prevent slipping, but it also comes with a lifetime guarantee. Of course it couldn't make the list without having a green pedigree: it is recyclable and biodegradable! Color options include blue, purple, and black. Current price: $39.95.


You just never can tell when the desire to create is going to strike you (or the kids on your gift list!), so why not be ready with The Go Artist Travel Pack:
All 21 pieces in this kit will inspire, including notebook, ruler, stencils, and colored pencils- and all are made from natural materials like cotton, wood, recycled paper, and soy. Current price: $20.21


You probably still have those relatives that haven't quite caught the "green" bug, and continue to collect their stash of harmful plastic bags every trip to the grocery store.  Convert them to greenies by selecting their favorite colors in these reusable bags: 

Each bag is only 49 cents and made from durable ripstop nylon. Once their shopping trip is complete, they can fold it back up to small pouch size and place it back in their purse or glove compartment for the next trip.


For those worker bees in your life that can never seem to find a pen or business card when they need one, how about this compartmentalized messenger bag:
This bag has a cotton canvas outside, padded laptop section, and several other snappy compartments to make sure everything is secure in its own space. Current price: $34.19

After growing all those organic vegetables this summer, it only makes sense that I promote an eco-friendly place to chop them up: bamboo cutting boards!
The set of three is easy to handle (they have handles, duh!), are lightweight, and are made of natural bamboo- a very renewable resource.  Current price: $18.99

Dogs are going to poop, which means someone is going to have to scoop...why not in the most eco-friendly way possible?
Every dog owner on your list will appreciate your thoughtfulness (and so will everyone else in the neighborhood) as you provide an earthy-friendly poop pick-up method. Current price: $15.99


What worm blogger can resist suggesting an eco-friendly worm toy for the holiday shopping season? Certainly not Lilliworm!

Babies on your list will be thrilled with this toy crafted from natural wood and lead free paint. It squiggles securely on a thick elastic it's a WORM!!! Current price: $12.99

So now all there is left to do is...

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