December 8, 2013

Holiday Worm Composting Do's and Don'ts

The holiday season is upon us, and if you've just started composting with worms, you might be wondering what is OK to throw into the worm bin and what is better left to the garbage can!

Ho, ho, ho- it's Lilliworm to the rescue!

If you are bold enough to let your guests determine what garbage goes where, you can make it easier for them by creating "worm scrap bins" or "worm bowls".

Any worm scrap storage apparatus should be CLEARLY LABELED as "WORM FOOD" so your human guests do not confuse it with the actual HUMAN FOOD.  You may even want to post a similar "do's and don'ts" list like the one above near the bin to really drive the point home (Dad? Can you hear me? NO PIZZA CRUSTS!).

One smaller scrap container you can put to the side of the regular trash can looks like this:

I would advise dumping this into the worm bin soon after the party, so it does not have time to smell or attract pests. 

Personally, I go with the "worm bowl" version and keep it in my refrigerator until it's feeding time:

The bowl in the fridge method works better if you are slow to fill it up and aren't interested in sprinting down to the bin immediately following the celebration.

This year, make the proper scraps and remnants of your holiday gatherings the perfect gift for your hungry, squirmy little friends...yes, I mean the worms!

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