November 3, 2013

The Garden Goes To Bed and Other Scary Pictures

OG2013 (organic garden 2013) has come to a fast ending!

While OG2012 ended with a small harvest and huge chopping endeavor, the lessons learned from last year made it clear a new plan to put the garden to bed was needed.

No more chopping and turning of the stems and stalks- I just ripped them up and churned up the ground with my hand-held three pronged rake.

A last glimpse before it was yanked:
organic garden
 And an after shot of the stems and stalks yanked out on the left:
One success-in-progress story is the strawberries! My goal was to have them take over the entire bottom section by next year, and they set out to meet my goal with gusto:
organic strawberries

organic strawberries
They are so excited to be taking over that they are still flowering and producing berries in November!

I am already planning all the delicious ways I can use the berries next season with this kind of determination:
organic strawberries

organic strawberries
No early November post on Lilliworm would be complete without some post-Halloween squirm-tastic pictures, so on the to real fun!

Of course, all Halloweens start off innocent and harmless enough- jack-o-lantern carving!

This year, I dedicated my design to one of my favorite charities, Best Friends Animal Santuary in Utah, and I used their logo as my template:
Best Friends organic pumpkin carving
Pumpkin guts!
organic pumpkin gutsOK, a little closer...
organic pumpkin gutsThe finished product:
organic jack-o-lanterns
And we all know where they ended up right as the last trick-or-treater was leaving the premises:
worm wigwam
Right into the Worm Wigwam, of course!

I helped the worm herd along by loading some of them up into the pumpkin feast:
worms in pumpkin

worms in pumpkin

worms in pumpkin

pumpkins in the worm wigwam
A certain pet in the house named himself the official dog of the Worm Wigwam and stood guard for me:
Look for more squirmalicous pics this week as the worms work their magic & celebrate their Halloween feast! 

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