July 12, 2012

Vermicompost Experiment and The Tomato Six-Pack

The composting experiment continues to prove the worm poop is working to maximum capacity and the results are amazeballs.

I took this today of the red pepper plants:
red peppers
The left side is about to burst out of the top! It's much greener, fuller, and has a ton more flowers on it, too.  You can see in the background that the tomatoes on the left are also much higher, greener, and fuller. GO WORMS!

Here's something else growing on the left, but not on the right: THE TOMATO SIX-PACK!
tomato six-pack
I got these results by doing three things:

-prepping all the dirt by mixing in a regular size bucket of vermicompost on each level with the dirt (read: crappy clay) a few weeks before I planted

-giving the plants on the left an extra few spoonful size doses of vermicompost at their roots once per month

-watering last month with water that had a vermicompost tea bag seeping in it overnight

I kept reading results would be good, I kept seeing other people's photos, but this proved to me the worm work has been worth it!

For my next experiment, I'd like to try growing something using the vermicompost tea bag seeped water vs. plain water, with no other variables. I made some really large tea bags, and soaked them overnight in a full watering can (filled with water from my rain barrel, of course!) for the experiment above: 
While I was basking in my red pepper plant success, I came across a blog post with tips for growing my best peppers ever on the Big Blog of Gardening.  How appropriate!

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