July 2, 2012

The Preferred Fare in the Bin

With my worm farming 5 year anniversary right around the bend, I thought it might be helpful to reflect back on the food scraps the worms have found the most delectable.

In no particular order, here are the ones that got the most congested with worms and were gone the fastest:

***Pumpkins, although the shells don't break down fast enough for my impatient farming. I let them eat out the insides and then I pick out the shells.

***Strawberry tops, which as an added bonus scented my bin something wonderful.

***Old tomatoes, also great for a growing experiment in the bin.

***A perennial favorite, the worms in massive groups freakishly adore watermelon rinds. Given that this is an Olympic year, I may need to reenact the Watermelon Ring of Honor.

I have mixed, cut, blended, frozen, and smushed up my scraps. If you don't have a lot of scraps, I recommend leaving them whole. If you are looking to increase your herd quickly, I suggest using the blender and asking others to contribute their scraps to help.

Peach pits and plastic stickers from banana peels have been proven to be the least liked (hello to my somewhat helpful and well-intentioned family members!).

If you are worm farming, what are the favorites in your bin? I'd love to know if my herd is missing out!

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Mark and Gaz said...

Thanks for the tips and stopping by on our blog, hopefully our worm farm will be still going strong in 5 years too!