June 11, 2012

Berry Growing Black and Blues

My strawberries are still so small. I posted questions on two gardening forums about what might be taking so long, and people responded that growing strawberries from seeds can be tedious and they may take a season to get started.

I've dealt with berries before- small planters, berry tops, and from waaaay back, the first feeding. But this is the first time I've had them in an actual garden situation.

I'd tell you to stay tuned for pics, but imagine three leafs sticking out of the ground- and you pretty much have the idea!

While I was in the berrying mood, I chopped three strong long stems from my blackberry plant and potted them to start roots and make more plants.

Although this seemed like trickery and foolery to me- yeah right! Stick the stems in the ground and they'll just take root! Good one!-  I read this was the way to go, no kidding.  I filled up two planters with some soil and worm compost and stuck in the cut stems.

Now let's see what this worm poo can doo.

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