June 14, 2012

Snappy Stake Update and Early Season Compost Touch Up

With the tomato plants growing like weeds, it was time to move to StakeCon2

StakeCon1 was beginning to choke out the stems of the plants:
organic tomato plant stake

StakeCon1 vs. StakeCon2:
organic garden stake

StakeCon2 in place. I imagine the plant breathing a sigh of relief, like it just took off that pair of jeans it couldn't quite sit comfortably in. Ahhhhh, room to move:
organic garden stake
Once the proverbial jeans were off, what's left to do but have a big meal? The garden was about due for another application organic wonderfulness in the form of worm compost/ vermicompost/ worm castings...I'm not sure what to call them anymore?

I'm moving towards worm compost lately because anything with "vermi-" just doesn't call up warm and fuzzy feelings with me- and I feel totally warm and fuzzy about this garden and making it grow better!

For an informal research project, I only "fed" the one row of tomatoes and a few of the red peppers for future comparison purposes:

worm compost application

Last but not least, a shot of those miniature strawberry plants. Patience is a virtue.

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