May 25, 2012

Growing Fast, Straight, and Tall

The snappy stakes are working like a charm with the tomatoes:
tomato plant
tomato stake

As the plant grows, I can pull the stake out little by little to match the height.

The biodegradable planters aren't biodegrading just yet. They were so smooshy as stand-alones, I'm surprised they are hanging in there.

I attached the side pieces and they can swing up and over for weeding and (eventually!) harvesting:
small garden fence
The rain barrel filled up just past the spout this week, so I used our first watering can full of rainwater for watering today! WINNING!

This holiday weekend, I'm going to be sealing up some compost tea bags to use in my watering can- and stay tuned...this may result in an actual product for Lilliworm!

Testing begins this weekend- not only for the compost tea bags, but also for my design and PayPal setup skills!

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