May 3, 2009

Run, Worms, Run!

I ran the half marathon today in the Pittsburgh Marathon. How cool!

I picked up my race stuff yesterday at the Convention Center- black drawstring bag, lots of samples, dry-weave marathon t-shirt, white Nike socks, coupons, plus race bib and shoe monitor thingee.

I had to get up at 4:50AM and be at the starting area for 6AM. Starting time was actually 7:30AM. I began the race with the nine minute ten second pace person, but lost him pretty quick in the mix because there were tons of runners.

I saw so much of Pittsburgh in one run, I was sure I had ran WAY further than 13.1 miles. We started near the Convention Center, ran through the Strip District, Lawrenceville, Bloomfield, West End, South Side, and back through the middle of downtown to the finish line in front of the Convention Center through cool and cloudy conditions, and it even rained the last 4-5 miles.

The best part was the first 4-5 miles- bands, fun, cheering, music- I even slapped hands with Mayor Ravenstahl! The hardest part was the ramp up to the West End Bridge and the mile or so through the South Side towards the end. UGH.

I finished in a little over two hours and got a special medal and picked up a race poster.

I developed my own way to down a styrofoam cup (gasp! I hate styrofoam) of water while running: put a hole in the bottom side with your finger then slap it to your mouth real fast and suck down the water. A little messy, but better than choking or stopping!

I was determined NOT TO STOP RUNNING for any reason WHATSOEVER, and I didn't- YAY FOR ME!

What does this have to do with worms?

I have a great answer!

Worms eventually become so maintenance-free that you are able to train for a half-marathon.

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