April 19, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

I received an original Easter gift this year: a strawberry planter. What a great place to test my worm castings!

The kit came with these little compact dirt disks that swelled to five or six times their original size when I wet them. I mixed up the disk dirt with worm castings for a squishy enriched seed bed.

Then I placed the dirt about 3/4 of the way up the planter and sprinkled in the seeds in, and filled the rest in to the top. Strawberry seeds are about as big as specks of dirt or small fruit flies. Very small.Have you ever noticed product photos can be kind of exaggerated?

If this kit takes off like the picture on the left, I will be pretty dang impressed (and well-fed).

Current berry plant count:0
Total berries harvested: 0

Stay tuned!


SimplyForties said...

Hey Lilli - what do you think your percentage of "strawberry dirt" to worm castings was? I'm a little fuzzy on the actual use of the castings!

Lilli said...

Good question- I should have been clearer- I would say about a quarter of the dirt was castings, but I mixed it all together.

SimplyForties said...

Thanks! I started my worm bin last May and am finally ready to start harvesting/using some of the castings this summer.